Our design and development services include
• RTL Design and Simulation
• Verification (System Verilog + UVM)
• IP and Integration Services
• Synthesis and Formal Verification
• Physical Design
• Design mapping to FPGA
• FPGA to ASIC Conversion
• Reference and Evaluation board development
• Cell Development and Characterization
• Expertise in integrating ARM Cortex processors, AMBA4 Bus Matrix, ACP devices, memory controller design
• Deep Protocol Expertise in 1G/10G/40GEthernet, PCI Express Gen1/Gen2/Gen3, DDR3/DDR4, RLDRAM, HBM, HMC, SD/eMMC (SD3.0, SD4.1, eMMC5.0, eMMC5.1), MIPI Protocols, MIPI MPHY, MIPI UniPro, MIPI LLI, MIPI RFFE, HDMI

Design Verification

Verification offerings cover the entire spectrum from front end through post silicon validation including power aware verification
• System level verification
• Module level verification
• Top level verification
• Formal verification
• System validation - Emulation

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Physical Design

• RTL to GDSII (ASIC) low power and high speed design
• Full turnkey solution
• Flow has been successfully tested in several wireless and processor designs
• IP Hardening
• Design Expertise includes Display drivers, Network interface, PCIe Gen3, Wireless adapter, RFID, USB interface, DDR3 and MEMS

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Pre-silicon Validation
• Development of validation scenarios on FPGA as well as emulators
• Closely working with RTL designers and verification team for creating scenarios to ensure that corner cases are covered
• Creation of validation framework
• Working with continuously changing RTL specs
• Validation of the FPGA images, debugging and defect tracking

Post-silicon Validation
• Silicon bring up
• Updating pre-silicon test cases for SoC
• Development of diagnostics
• Porting operating systems on SoC

Reference Application
• Creation of demo applications for the customers
• Providing customer specific scenarios

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